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Top Four Design Tips for Amping Up Trust and Website Credibility

Posted by Bruce Alfred with Kelsey Howe on Mar 1, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Want your business to appear credible and trustworthy to people considering your products or services online? Of course you do! But do you know what the biggest factors are in building credibility and trust? Take this one question quiz to test yourself, and then read on (and no peeking below!)


Believe it or not, credibility comes from design. Website design and website credibility are inextricably linked. From a Stanford study on website credibility:

Nearly 75% of all participants in a groundbreaking study chose design (“design look” at 46% + “information design” at 28.5% = 74.6%) as the most important indicator of a website's credibility.

In short, to build credibility, there’s nothing more important than creating a well-designed website.

OK. But what makes a well-designed website? User-friendliness for one thing. Meaning? The content is laid out in a manner that makes it easy and fast to read. The design is eye catching and aesthetically pleasing, and it’s intuitive to navigate.
Read on to get four great tips on how to make your site user friendly so you can build the credibility and trust in your business that helps move visitors along their buyer’s journey, rather than move them to hit the back button.

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Top Three Designs for User-Friendly Website Navigation Menus

Posted by Bruce Alfred with Kelsey Howe on Feb 17, 2016 11:00:00 AM

I know you want your marketing and therefore your business to succeed, wildly. It’s no secret that one of your most powerful marketing tools is your website. For your website to work as a powerful marketing tool, make sure you're designing a user friendly website. You can have great content, but if your users can’t easily find what they’re looking for on your site, they will bounce before you can say “back button.” That’s why you need to create navigation menus that are intuitive and quick to use for all of your visitors. 

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Three Predictions For the Future You Can Use To Grow Your Business Now

Posted by Bruce Alfred on Feb 9, 2016 11:00:00 AM


I have a recurring nightmare that I’m not ready for my high-school calculus final. Doesn’t matter that I haven’t been in high-school since REO Speedwagon was popular. Nor that I’m walking to class without pants on. Or even that in real life I took calculus in college. This dream is actually about the fact that I run a small business. The stress of keeping up is a constant in our world in which change is accelerating in a way that would make Mr. Sulu concerned about managing warp speed.

“Because the changes are coming so fast, there is a rising premium on our ability to adjust, to be adaptable in new ways.”
-- Robert Safian, Fast Company

To do better in business, to quickly adjust and adapt, we need to be strategic and forward thinking. It would help to be able to see the future, right?  The best we can do until the crystal ball is perfected is to better understand what forces are driving us as a society, and therefore what forces are driving our current and future customers.

That’s one of the reasons Safian, Fast Company’s editor-in-chief and managing director, recently climbed out on a limb and made predictions about the next 20 years and how our world will evolve.

I talked to Safian about three of his predictions that can guide you as you adapt your business to grow in our always-new world, whether you’re in the C-suite, in digital marketing, or in strategy:

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5 Simple Ways To Identify SEO Scammers

Posted by Bruce Alfred on Jan 20, 2016 11:00:00 AM


Considering an SEO audit?

Thinking about hiring an SEO company?

Then you're in the right place! Good Human Digital is rolling out a series of posts to give you the key information you need to make an informed decision on hiring for a SEO audit and choosing a SEO company.

Here's the fourth in our series:
Five Simple Ways To Spot SEO Scammers

Just about everyone running or marketing a small or medium business knows they need search engine optimization (SEO) to help their business rank higher in search results. Yet, the world of SEO can sound unsettlingly complicated, better left to the experts. Unfortunately, there are SEO scammers out there who attempt to take advantage by operating in an opaque world in which their clients don't fully understand what they are selling. SEO scammers not only waste your money, but can actually lower your rankings by getting you penalized by Google. Sound unsettling? Well, not to worry because you can use these five questions to easily identify SEO scammers. If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, walk away.

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Stay Clear of Google Penalties: Four SEO Tactics To Avoid

Posted by Bruce Alfred on Jan 11, 2016 12:24:00 PM

Considering an SEO audit?
Thinking about hiring an SEO firm?

Third in our series.
Four SEO Tactics To Avoid:
How to stay away from penalties that could drop your site down in search results.

Google usually releases around four major updates to its search algorithm each year. So, it's important that the company you hire to do your SEO work invests the time and energy needed to stay current. In part three of our series, we do a quick rundown of four outdated techniques that are still used today, but can get you in hot water.

Like any good caregiver, people who provide SEO services should first do no harm. That means keeping you out of the Google penalty box. Google decides which SEO tactics are not acceptable and will punish violators by lowering offending sites down in search results, or removing them from search results altogether. While there are many black-hat techniques that unscrupulous SEO providers will use to try to manipulate the Google system, following is a list of four SEO tactics to avoid that are still used today by well-meaning SEO providers who have not stayed current.

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